Young Authors Children’s Book Contest

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Sign up your school for $500 and we will publish winners on our website in a secure, password-protected area. Prizes in the amount of $500 will be awarded to winning students or donated back to the

school to support special projects! 🤓

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Inspire your students to write!

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Send to PUBBLY

Send via Google Drive, email, or put it all in a box and mail it to us! Our platform is so flexible that any format will work . . . have your teachers. parents, or helpers send us whatever is easiest for them. As long as the book is complete and uses our template, we can work with whatever you send. Photos, illustrations, iPad drawings, or glued cut paper!

Brainstorm and form teams

Write and illustrate

We believe that authentic student voice should have a bigger place in school curricula. Students of any age can create 8, 16, or 24 page books. We will provide a PDF template to work with. 50 words per page maximum. Art must be original and/or copyright free.

Nothing gets students more excited than a creative contest! Working in teams will help them create all the art and text needed for a children’s book. Inspire young writers to think of exciting adventures and stories that other children will enjoy for years to come!

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View Online!

Books will be uploaded to the website and your students will get a code to enter into the site to view their schools contest entries. Students can also access any additional content your district chooses add on the platform.

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Once all the content is on it is time to vote on the favorites. Choose who is eligible to vote . . . maybe another grade? If your 8th grade students are the writers, maybe the 2nd graders vote?Maybe just the teachers vote? It’s up to your school (or district) to decide.

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Winners Announced!

When the results are in, we will update the covers on to indicate the winners! Prizes can be distributed in cash or gift cards. Free hosting and access to all entries is included for a full year and may be extended on request for only $1 per student.

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